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We manufacture precision made Bell Lyres and Marching Bells which are of the highest standard of quality and craftsmanship to be found in the UK and overseas. All instruments are handcrafted by our small team of specialists and each instrument is made to order. Mayfield is run as a social enterprise, under the ownership of the charity, Autism Plus, whose aim is to support people with autism and other complex needs to improve their quality of life. By working in Mayfield, service users can develop their employment, communication and social skills, helping them to gain independence and to take better control over their lives.

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  • (Mrs) Bobbie Roberts, MBE, JP

    We are very impressed by the Mayfield Bell Lyre, a truly superbly crafted instrument.

    Our students look forward to learning to master the Lyre.

  • Piero


    Our music teacher has great appreciation for this instrument which, although a lightweight instrument for the parade, has been shown to have a clear and powerful sound. He also enjoyed the good workmanship in which it was built. 

  • Bandmaster Alex Fuller

    309 ( Sawbridgeworth ) Squadron ATC

    The Mayfield Bell Lyre has added an entirely new dimension to our Marching Band. The sound it produces is fantastic - utterly crisp, sharp, and arresting, and the mere presence of such a high calibre instrument instantly elevates the status and professionalism of the band. Overall a brilliant piece of kit, and something which we quite simply could no longer do without.