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About Mayfield

Bell Lyres

We manufacture precision made Bell Lyres and Glockenspiel's which are of the highest standard of quality and craftsmanship to be found in the UK and overseas. All of our Mayfield instruments are handcrafted by our small team of specialists, and each individual instrument is made to order.

Our reputation is renowned worldwide and we are so confident in the resilience and quality of our instruments that we offer a “lifetime guarantee” with all of our Mayfield instruments (Terms and Conditions apply).

Mayfield is run as a social enterprise, under the ownership of the charity, Autism Plus, whose aim is to support people with autism, learning disabilities and mental health diagnoses to improve their quality of life. Clients from Autism Plus are training in all aspects of Mayfield instrument production, including engineering and manufacturing, marketing and research.

Working in Mayfield helps individuals to develop their employment skills, as well as build relationships and improve communication and social skills. This helps them to gain independence and to take better control over their lives.