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Mayfield History

Over the years, Mayfield has seen a lot of changes. Its journey from the 70’s has been a good one, with steady growth and increased popularity within the world of marching bands. To find out more about Mayfield’s journey through the decades, click on the dates below for the details.

  • 1970: Wilson Peck Ltd

    In 1970 Wilson Peck Ltd became the first major supplier of marching band instruments. Located in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, Wilson Peck Ltd supplied Bell Lyres, complete with a distinctive stamp on the lowest note.

  • 1970's – 1986: Frank Harlow

    In the 1970's, engineer by trade and amateur violin maker Frank Harlow designed and manufactured the first 2 Octaves Bell Lyre, including strung alloy notes. The name ‘Mayfield Manufacturing’ was created due to Frank living in Mayfield Valley in Sheffield. Frank had the notes polished at Barry Rowntree’s workshop on Edward Street, Sheffield, so when he was looking to sell in 1986 he reached out to the Rowntree's.

  • 1986 – 1998: Mr and Mrs Rowntree

    In 1986, Mr and Mrs Rowntree took over Mayfield Manufacturing as an end product to their already existing successful finishing business. Mr and Mrs Rowntree spent great amounts of time researching the marching band community, and the instruments they were creating. This research fuelled developments to their products, sparking a steady growth of the business, including growth abroad. Mayfield grew and developed over the years and was recognised as ‘the choice of winning bands in the United Kingdom’. After years of successful business, Mr and Mrs Rowntree retired in 1998.

  • 1998 – 2013: Sheffield Metal Polishing Company Ltd

    After Mr and Mrs Rowntree retired, the production of the Mayfield instruments continued under the ownership of Sheffield Metal Polishing Company Ltd, based on Foley Street in Sheffield. The high standard of work produced by the Rowntrees was continued at the Sheffied Metal Polishing Company Ltd by their talented employees who specialised in Bell Lyres.

  • 2013: Autism Plus Ltd

    Based at Autism Plus headquarters at the Exchange Brewery, Sheffield, Mayfield has now become a new social enterprise for the charity. A number of service users are being trained in aspects of production, marketing, sales and customer service support.

  • 2014 – Present Date

    In May 2014 Mayfield instruments are awarded the recognition of the ‘Made in Sheffield’ brand which is recognised worldwide and is a mark of quality and origin. Our first service user also begins work in Mayfield to help produce our instruments.