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5th Hull Boys' Brigade Marching Band

15 September 2014 by jo.moverleygray

In September 2014, two members of the Mayfield team - Tony and Jo - headed east to visit the 5th Hull Boys' Brigade Marching Band!  They met the band leader, Vicki Brownlee and some of the young band members and saw them rehearse at their weekly training session.  They were pleased to see that the band use a Mayfield Bell Lyre which has been in use for over 20 years, and apart from a few scratches, the instrument looked and sounded as good as new!  As a thank you for allowing them to visit, Tony agreed to polish and clean their Bell Lyre and returned it to the band in tip-top condition - ready for another 20 years' use hopefully.

One of the band members - Will - was happy to demonstrate his amazing musical skills by playing the Bell Lyre for Tony and Jo - and he even agreed to have his photo taken for our website!