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New Machinery at Mayfield

1 June 2014 by admin

In June 2014 we became the proud owners of a 1 ½ ton Colchester Triumph 2000 lathe, to go along with the other equipment that is used to produce our instruments.

The acquisition of this 30 inch gap bed lathe means that more of the components used to create the bell lyres and marching bells, such as anchors, knuckles and end caps, are now done in house, and gives the advantage of being able to make components internally which streamlines the operation. Having the lathe on site also creates more opportunities for Autism Plus service user involvement which is key to the ethics and values of the social enterprise.

Autism Plus is keen to work with local businesses and suppliers, and purchased this lathe from GD Machinery based at the Atlas Works on Carlisle Street East in Sheffield.

Chief Engineer, Anthony Cutts said “The acquisition of this lathe is an important positive step. It means we can create more service user training opportunities in the manufacture of components and It makes us more flexible and self-reliant”.