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Our 1st service user volunteers in Mayfield

17 May 2014 by admin

With the continued growth of Mayfield, one of the first volunteers to get involved with the project is Jezz, who has thoroughly enjoyed the work so far and found a niche role.

One of the components of Mayfield instruments isa particular style of wire fastening, which in the production process leaves a residue that needs to be removed. Because Jezz enjoys counting and organising so much he has taken charge of cleaning and sorting these wires ready for production. He also enjoys counting and packaging the red felt washers and brass eyelets that are part of the bell lyre manufacture.

As this operation has begun to take shape Jezz has become known for his methodical approach which helps in the smooth running of our production process. Jezz's enthusiasm for the role has proven to be a good example for new starters within the production of the Mayfield instruments.