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Star Bell Lyre

Star Bell Lyre



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Finished in polished aluminium and matt black as the Standard, but with greater resonance and slightly heavier construction.

A beater is provided with all Bell Lyres.

All of our instruments are hand crafted in Britain and can be shipped worldwide.  

Price: £560.00
Weight: 4.7 kg
Dimensions: 735 mm × 530 mm × 70 mm
4 Octaves: A-A, A-C, C-C or G-C or 2 Octaves + 3rd (ie A-C)
Tone Bar Section: 
30mm x 8mm (1.18” x 0.31”)

Free delivery for UK mainland.

Please enquire for overseas delivery costs.

As we are confident that any Mayfield instrument will last you a lifetime, we are proud to attach a Lifetime Guarantee to all of our instruments.

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