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Once you have purchased a Mayfield Instrument, we are sure you'll take great care of it. However, over time and with continued use, your instrument may benefit from a refurbishment to restore it to its former glory.  The type of refurbishment can vary depending upon the wear and tear to the instrument, although it commonly includes re-stringing, re-tuning or polishing of notes.  

"From the depths of the Band cupboard came an old but usable Mayfield Bell Lyre which had been around for some 30 years, then Mayfield/Autism Plus came along. Their amazing renovation service gave us a Bell Lyre which appeared as new.  It not only looked beautiful, but sounded beautiful and is now the envy of the rest of the Bell players, who now all want one!  I would, without a doubt, recommend their amazing service and attention to detail to anyone with an old, trusty Mayfield Bell Lyre, who would like it to look and sound beautiful again". 


We also offer a comprehensive repair service for all Mayfield products. We are now able to offer this service for the vast majority of glockenspiels, bell lyres and metallophones - which includes spare parts, re-stringing and refurbishment if neccessary.  

It's not only Mayfield instruments we offer repairs and refurbishments on! We offer this service for all makes and models of bell lyres, glockespiels and metallophones.

If you would like to find out more about either of these services, please contact us for more information and a quote.  

Telephone: +44 114 384 0284